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Healthwise® Knowledgebase Review

Healthwise Knowledgebase has been selected by an Alberta clinical review panel as the consumer health content provider for the Personal Health Portal Project, a provincial initiative designed to help Albertans make decisions about staying well, find information about programs and services, access the health system and manage health conditions. For a brief description of the project click here

Healthwise content is evidence based and written in plain language. As part of the implementation process, Alberta clinicians are being provided an opportunity to preview the content, provide feedback about any variation from Alberta clinical practices, and identify any additional Alberta developed content that adds to the breadth and depth of the content provided in the Healthwise Knowledgebase.. The site used for preview has been set up specifically for this purpose and should not be construed to reflect the experience Albertans will have when they access the Portal. Learn more about how Healthwise develops and reviews content.

Your input is valuable. Please submit the feedback form for any content reviewed, even if your only comment is the content is accurate!. For ease of providing feedback, a standardized form can be found on each topic or page. The feedback form has check boxes indicating level of content acceptance and a submit button. All feedback goes to the Personal Health Portal mailbox and will be collated. Please include your contact information, should we have additional questions.

Enabling Auto-complete for Forms (in Internet Explorer)
Part of the review submission process will require you to fill out similar web-forms multiple times and your browser may already auto-complete form field for you. If not and you are interested in turning on that functionality, please click here.

STEP ONE – Content Review and Feedback - Click to display/hide content

STEP TWO – Submission of additional Consumer Health Content - Click to display/hide content

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